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"Awaz Ki Shakti" Power of the Voice
Undocumented & Unafraid poster 
December 2012 
by Khushboo Gulati/ Kalisherni

"South Asian Americans make up one-sixth of the undocumented population in the United States. They become undocumented in many different ways:

Overstaying visas to stay with family
Losing their H-1B jobs
Leaving an abusive marriage with a H-1B holder
Being exploited as a domestic worker or sex trafficking
Aging out
Losing their asylum cases and overstaying due to family ties here
Crossing the border through Mexico
We need to have these hard and awkward conversations within our communities. We need to ensure that the most vulnerable parts of our population get the support and services they need.”
-India Currents March 2012 Article 

To read more stories by undocumented South Asian folks, visit http://southasiandiaspora.tumblr.com/

been thinking about what it means for me to make solidarity art, especially art related to immigration with regards to my desiness, queerness, family immigration story, class, citizenship. 
also been thinking about the butterfly symbol—-the pain behind immigration, the violence in the immigration process & in this country, colonialism, imperialism, racism/all the -isms/phobias, patriarchy & capitalism 
things are funky and complicated 
trying to be intentional and careful


When ppl see exceptions to that racial socialization it tends to be written off as an exception/outlier. From a statistical standpoint, 1 outlier doesn’t change the significance of a result. Moreover, if an outlier is removed from the analysis, the statistical effect becomes stronger (if 99 people make $100 & 1 person makes $5, then removing the $5 person increases the overall average).

Basically, when people write-off exceptions to what they expect based on racial socialization, it may actually make their stereotype stronger, just like the average money of the 99 people making $100 increases if you remove the person making $5.

Therefore, racial socialization not only leads each new generation to conform/believe pre-existing stereotypes, but it perpetuates it by leading people to automatically remove outliers from their mental model.

Since we talk about gender socialization, should we also consider racial socialization? 

Isn’t it the case that media/ mainstream culture transmits/perpetuates to different minorities the particular *racial roles* they have (just as Superbowl ads explicitly do for gender roles)?

Shouldn’t this be a sociological topic?

How are minorities who don’t adhere to racial-roles treated? And if their racial social networks seem to function based on these roles, should they be more or less affiliated with those networks? Or does it depend on their career path?

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Figure 4.  Women & Compromise: A DW-NOMINATE Analysis of Congresswomen and Congressmen

Figure 3.  Women & Compromise: A DW-NOMINATE Analysis of Congresswomen and Congressmen

Figure 2.  Women & Compromise: A DW-NOMINATE Analysis of Congresswomen and Congressmen

Figure 1.  Women & Compromise: A DW-NOMINATE Analysis of Congresswomen and Congressmen

Women & Compromise: A DW-NOMINATE Analysis of Congresswomen and Congressmen

  - Rand Paul

 - Marco Rubio

 - Lamar Alexander

 - Kelly Ayotte

 - John Barrasso

 - Orrin Hatch

 - Jim Inhofe

 - Max Baucus

 - Mark Begich

 - Heidi Heitkamp

 - Mark Pryor

@RoyBlunt - Roy Blunt

 - John Boozman

  - Richard Burr

  - Saxby Chambliss

 - Dan Coats

 - Tom Coburn

 - Thad Cochran

  - Bob Corker

 - John Cornyn

  - Mike Crapo

 - Ted Cruz

 - Mike Enzi

  - Deb Fischer

 - Jeff Flake

 - Lindsey Graham

 - Chuck Grassley

 - Dean Heller

 - John Hoeven

  - Johnny Isakson

  - Mike Johanns

 - Ron Johnson

 - Mike Lee

 - Mitch McConnell

  - Jerry Moran

  - Lisa Murkowski

 - Rob Portman

  - Pat Roberts

  - Roger Wicker

  - David Vitter

 - John Thune

 - Richard Shelby

 - Jeff Sessions

  - Tim Scott

 - James Risch 

 - Harry Reid’s reason for voting no: https://www.facebook.com/SenatorReid/posts/628808677134419